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State of Energy Research Conference

Accelerating research for a speedy energy transition

7-9 DECEMBER 2021


SoERC provided a snapshot of current innovations, articulated research impact, and showcased collaborations to enable Australia’s sustainable, reliable, affordable, and fair energy transition.

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Conference papers

Conference papers

SoERC2021 is now welcoming submissions (virtual posters) in all areas related to energy research and key developments needed for a sustainable energy transition. Conference papers this year are presented as virtual posters due to the online nature of SoERC 2021.

Student's whose posters have been accepted will receive free entry to the conference.

We are welcoming submissions around the following three themes:

People, Society, and Institutions

Just transition, Consumer understanding, Peer to peer trading and sharing, Consumer representation, Societal attitude, Intelligent energy management solutions, Industry 4.0, Equity and demand response, Energy workforce, Role of Existing and emerging actors, Energy research to support net zero strategies, Social licence for a just transition, etc. 

Energy Resources Technologies and Systems

Solar and wind generation, Centralised and Distributed Energy Systems, Value Stacking DM and DER, Hydrogen Technologies, Energy storage, Novel materials for energy storage, Grid integration, Community and DER storage, Renewable energy generation, Materials and critical minerals, Hydrogen generation, Renewable energy integration, etc.

Markets, Policy and Regulation

Governance and legislation, Social equity, Uptake of EVs and Fuels cells, Regulations, certification and trade, DSO and DMO, Policy, Energy Market regulation, Comparison of coal generation closure in Australia to other developed economies, Transport and Energy, Gas markets, Energy economics and finance, System resilience in extreme weather events.

For any changes to your submission or any enquiries please email:


About SoERC 2021



The Energy Research Institutes Council for Australia (ERICA) is running its 2nd national State of Energy Research Conference (SoERC) – the inaugural conference having been held in Canberra in July, 2019.


This year, the Monash Energy Institute is coordinating and hosting this conference as the 2021 chairing organisation for ERICA.

Transitioning to a net zero emission energy system will require ongoing research, large-scale innovation, and a multidisciplinary approach. Fossil fuels still provide 94% of Australia’s total energy needs, and we are installing renewable energy at the fastest rate (per capita) of any nation. Both the magnitude and the rate of change will require extensive research to address the challenges of the energy transition. 
SoERC will highlight advances in energy research in Australia; ranging across fields including social science, policy, economics, regulation, design, engineering, computer science, and the physical and natural sciences. The event will include eminent keynote and plenary speakers with invited speakers in specialised parallel sessions. There will also be posters and networking sessions. SoERC will provide a snapshot of current innovations, articulate research impact, and showcase collaborations to enable Australia’s sustainable, reliable, affordable, and fair energy transition. 
The conference is aimed at researchers, decision-makers in Federal and State governments, industry professionals, consultants, NGOs, and anyone with an interest in energy sector research. 
Join us to learn about research and development in this continuously evolving sector, explore pathways to address the energy transition, and identify potential collaborations among university researchers and industry research partners. 

Message from the Chair

Message from the Chair


ERICA Chair 2021

Professor Ariel Liebman

Director, Monash Energy Institute 

Monash University

The second Australian State of Energy Research Conference, SoERC2021, is a landmark event for the Australian energy transition research community. With the Australian government taking a Net Zero 2050 offer to COP26 in Glasgow, we have an imperative to accelerate our research in a way that supports a speedy energy transition. 
We need our research to specifically support both a 2050 but more importantly the 2030 science based target (essentially a 50% emissions reduction below 2020 level). We should keep in mind this is far from normal times for researchers, industry or the people of Australia whom we serve. There isn’t a moment to lose and I trust that this conference will help provide a reset to our research ambitions in support of climate change mitigation through an accelerating energy transition.






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