ERICA membership consists of the major energy research institutes from universities across Australia.

The current members of ERICA are:

1. Centre for Energy Technology (CET)

University of Adelaide

2. Centre for Sustainable Energy Development

University of Sydney

3. Deakin Energy

Deakin University


4. Energy Change Institute (ECI)

Australian National University

5. Fuels and Energy Technology Institute

Curtin University

6. Future Energy

University of Tasmania

7. Institute for Sustainable Futures

University of Technology

8. Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI)

University of Melbourne

9. Monash Energy Institute

Monash University

10. University of Queensland Energy Initiative (UQEI)

University of Queensland


11. UNSW Energy Institute

University of New South Wales

12. Victoria Energy Policy Centre

Victoria University

Membership to ERICA is by invitation only. Membership is decided through the agreement of existing members, and can be requested at any time.


Membership is non-binding, and the consensus views represented by the Council are those of the ERICA representatives and not of their parent universities.