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SoERC 2023 Posters

Optimal Energy Storage Configuration for Indonesia
Ahmad Amiruddin, Ariel Liebman, Roger Dargaville and Ross Gawier

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A Phase Group Identification Method for Residential Low Voltage Networks Exploiting Smart Meter Data
Eshan Karunarathne, Angela Simonovska, Luis (Nando) Ochoa and Tansu Alpcan

Facilitating the Integration of Renewables in Australia
Shan Jiang, Ye Zhu and Georgios Konstantinou

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Exploring Day-ahead Forecast Methodson Highly Granular Household Active Powerfor Export Limit Allocation
Fernando Lanas, Luis (Nando) Ochoa and Michael Liu

Electrical Model Validation of Real LV Networks Using Smart Meter Data

Michael Z. Liu, Angela Simonovska and Luis F. Ochoa

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The Future of DER Hosting Capacity:Smart Meter Data And Neural Networks
Vincenzo Bassi, Luis (Nando) Ochoa, TansuAlpcan and Christopher Leckie

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Allowing Higher Renewable Generation inAustralian PV-Rich Distribution Networks
Arthur G. Givisiez, Michael Z. Liu and Luis (Nando) Ochoa

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Future-Proof Planning of Low Voltage Residential Networks
Muhammad Zulqarnain Zeb, Luis (Nando) Ochoa

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