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Following the 2024 State of Energy Research Conference, held at Curtin University in Western Australia, the ERICA Organising Committee collaborated on a Communique. The Committee is composed of experts in a range of energy-related fields from leading universities around Australia, and the Communique is their summary of the key findings arising from the Conference.


The speakers at the Conference, which is the leading energy research event in Australia, included politicians, leading academics, industry experts and the next generation of energy researchers. These speakers addressed the energy transition from every angle, focusing on social, technical and economic elements of change.


Currently, there is significant concern and uncertainty among the public regarding the technical, economic and social trade-offs and processes required to transition. However, clear, trustworthy communication has the power to assuage these concerns, and this Communique is intended to provide an objective overview of the concerns and solutions most relevant to a successful transition.


Prof. Peta Ashworth

Curtin University

Dani Alexander

University of New South Wales

Emeritus Prof. Ken Baldwin

Australian National University

Dr Chris Briggs

University of Technology Sydney 

A/ Prof. Roger Dargaville

Monash University

Peter Hansford

Deakin University

Prof. Frank Jotzo

Australian National University

Prof. Paul Medwell

University of Adelaide

Prof. Stefan Trueck

Macquarie University

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