ERICA is a council of Australia's major energy research institutes that provides research-led advice on the nation's energy future

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ERICA is a council of university energy research institutes which collectively aim to provide:

  • National capacity across a broad spectrum of cutting-edge energy research, in both specialised and inter-disciplinary fields;

  • High-level, evidence-based, energy policy advice to government;

  • An over-the-horizon perspective on future energy opportunities and challenges that can only be informed by cutting-edge research;

  • A research touch point for industry and government on energy issues of national and international significance; and

  • A research-led education network for students and young researchers.


Membership of ERICA by any organisation is by invitation through the agreement of existing members, and membership can be requested at any time.

The membership is non-binding, and the consensus views represented by the Council are those of the ERICA representatives and not of their parent universities.

The ERICA secretariat will move from one member institute to the other, each year.

Monash University is the secretariat for the current year (2021).




Professor Gus Nathan

Director, Centre for Energy Technology, The University of Adelaide

Peta Ashworth .jpeg

Professor Peta Ashworth

Chair, University of Queensland Energy Initiative, University of Queensland

Justine Jarvinen.jpg

Ms Justine Jarvinen

CEO, UNSW Energy Institute, University of New South Wales

Professor Bruce Mountain

Director, Victoria Energy Policy Centre, Victoria University

Professor Greg Morrison

Sustainability Policy Institute, Curtin University

EvanFranklinPhoto MidSizeCentred.jpg

Associate Professor 

Evan Franklin

Co-Director, Future Energy, University of Tasmania

Professor Stuart White

Director, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology Sydney

Michael Brear.jpg

Professor Michael Brear

Director, Melbourne Energy Institute, University of Melbourne

Ariel Liebman

ERICA Chair 2021

Director, Monash Energy Institute, Monash University

Associate Professor

Gregor Verbic

Director, Centre for Future Energy Networks, University of Sydney

Adrian Panow.webp

Dr Adrian Panow

Director, Deakin Energy, Deakin University

Kenneth Baldwin.jpg

Professor Kenneth Baldwin

Director, Energy Change Institute, Australian National University



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State of Energy Research Webinar Series

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State of Energy Research Conference

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