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We are delighted to announce the program for the 2024 State of Energy Research Conference! The conference will feature three days of outstanding speakers from research and industry, discussing the energy transition from all angles.

The program is available for download below. However, please note that this program is  SUBJECT TO CHANGE. 


Click the buttons below to view the speakers confirmed for each day of the conference and their topics



State of Energy Research conference (SoERC) 2024 speaker Ken Baldwin
Sponsored by
Rio Tinto
CHAIR: Prof. Peta Ashworth (Curtin Institute for Energy Transition)

Professor Ken Baldwin

Chair of the ACOLA Australian Energy Transition Research Plan
KEYNOTE 1.1: Benchmarking research on the energy transition

Professor Ken Baldwin was the inaugural Director of the Australian National University’s Energy Change Institute, now part of the ANU Institute for Climate, Energy and Disaster Solutions. He was also the founding Director of the ANU Grand Challenge: Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific. The main focus of his work is to help drive the energy transition, particularly for Australia’s future export industries based on renewable energy. 

State of Energy Research conference (SoERC) 2024 speaker Pierluigi Mancarella
CHAIR: Prof. Ken Baldwin (Australian Energy Transition Research Plan)

Professor Pierluigi Mancarella

University of Melbourne
KEYNOTE 1.2 Energy systems integration

Pierluigi Mancarella is the Chair Professor of Electrical Power Systems at the University of Melbourne, Australia, and Professor of Smart Energy Systems at the University of Manchester, UK. His key research interests include techno-economic modelling and analysis of multi-energy systems, grid integration of renewables and distributed energy resources, energy infrastructure planning under uncertainty, and security, reliability, and resilience of low-carbon networks.

Sounness Headshot.jpg
CHAIR: Prof. Peta Ashworth (Curtin University)

Chris Sounness

Wimmera Southern Mallee Development (WSM)
KEYNOTE 1.3 Enabling the renewable energy revolution in the regions

Chris Sounness brings over 30 years of experience in regional development as WSM CEO and with a background in agricultural research, crisis incident control and agricultural resilience development. Chris joined WDA, now WSM Development, in 2019, and actively participates in initiatives and boards, advocating for renewable energy, climate resilience, and community leadership. Chris highlights challenges and structural and social disadvantages rural communities face, and opportunities to lessen those compared to urban communities.



Reece Whitby Headshot.JPG
CHAIR: Prof. Eric May (University of Western Australia)

Hon.  Reece Whitby MLA

WA Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Action 
VIP ADDRESS: Policy development to support the transition

Minister Whitby  has overseen government departments responsible for protecting Western Australia’s environment since December 2021 and gained the Energy portfolio in December 2023.

 Reece is coordinating the State’s response to climate change while establishing a whole-of-government approach to reduce emissions.  He is Western Australia’s first Minister to attend a United Nations Climate Change Conference, addressing audiences at COP27 and meeting Ministerial counterparts from across the globe. He followed that up by attending COP28 in December 2023.



MODERATOR: Prof. Peta Ashworth (Curtin Institute for Energy Transition)
State of Energy Research conference (SoERC) 2024 panellist Dietmar Tourbier
Dr Dietmar Tourbier
State of Energy Research conference (SoERC) 2024 panellist Sarah McNamara
Sarah McNamara
Australian Energy Council
State of Energy Research conference (SoERC) 2024 panellist Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan
Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO)
Peter Klinken_edited.jpg
Professor Peter Klinken
WA Chief Scientist
Michael Brear.jpg
Professor Michael Brear
Net Zero Australia Project


CHAIR: Prof. Paul Medwell
(University of Adelaide)
CHAIR: Dr Charlie Hargrove
(Curtin University)
CHAIR: Prof. Peta Ashworth
(Curtin University)
Resources, Systems and Tech (A)
Resources, Systems and Tech (B)
Markets, Policy and Regulations
15:40 - 16:00 An online tool for life cycle assessment of green hydrogen and ammonia production Dr Graham Palmer (Monash University)
Road mapping an equitable transition to EVs in Perth Sinead Thompson (Arup)
Australian Microgrids: Catalysing the Regional Energy Transition Dr Simon Wright (Charles Sturt University)
16:00 - 16:20
Comparing the Economics and Emissions of Grid-Connected vs. Off-Grid Hydrogen Production Dr Changlong Wang (Monash University)
Observed destination charging behaviour at Monash University A/Prof Roger Dargaville (Monash University)
Electricity tariffs and total cost of ownership of corporate electric vehicles A/Prof Alexandr Akimov (Griffith University)
16:20 - 16:40
Cost-competitiveness implications of misalignment in hydrogen certifications: a case study of exports from Australia to the EU Dr Reza Fazeli (Australian National University)
The future of hot water flexible demand in the age of rooftop solar Dr Baran Yildiz (School of Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering (SPREE)/UNSW)
Are lands sufficient for solar and onshore wind in the Group of Twenty (G20) and Australia to supply 2050 electricity demands? Dr Saori Miyake (University of Technology Sydney)
16:40 - 17:00
Modelling sustainable hydrogen supply chain paths Prof Michael Johns (University of Western Australia)
Machine Learning Approach to Detecting Electric Vehicle Charging at both Meter-level and Feeder-Level Dr Hao Wang (Monash University)
Is Renewable Energy Sustainable? Relationships between renewable energy production and sustainable development goals Jing Tian (The University of Adelaide)
17:00 - 17:20
Export-domestic energy integration via industrial hydrogen storage Dr Bin Lu (Australian National University)
Lessons from the rEVolution: The first residential vehicle-to-grid instance in Australia Prof Stuart White (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS)
Mapping Australia's home energy upgrade ecosystem and unpacking the elusive one-stop shop Dr Ed Langham (Institute for Sustainable Futures, UTS)


Renewable energy transitions and institutional projects: the role of path dependence
Dr Carol Janson Bond
Evaluating the potential of Renewable Energy Industrial Precincts to accelerate the energy transition in Western Australia
Mr Max van Someren
Causal Dynamics
An Analysis of Price-Setting Dynamics in the Australian National Electricity Market
Mr Santosh Sapkota
Macquarie University
The wind and sun provided 72 % of the electricity consumed in South Australia in 2023, and the lights stayed on: Observations and policy implications.
Prof Bruce Mountain
Victoria Energy Policy Centre
Revisiting the crisis: An empirical analysis of the NEM suspension
Mr Arvind Rangarajan
Macquarie University
Disputes surrounding distributed generation policy in Brazil: An anaylsis of advocacy coalitions
Mr Gabriel Konzen
Macquarie University
A Review of Initiatives for Increasing Hosting Capacity of Distributed Energy Resources in Distribution Networks
Mr Benjamin James
Curtin University
Deciphering Energy Security Metrics for the Future: A Systematic Overview
Mrs Hasliza Omar
Accelerating Energy Transition through Digital Integration in Universities
Dr Himanshu Agrawal
Curtin University
Future requirements of the nuclear education sector in Australia
Ms Tina Baradaran
Educating for Energy Transitions
A/Prof Peta White
Deakin University
Premortem to identify risks and mitigation measures for guiding Australia�s net-zero transition
Dr Audrey Bester
Technoeconomic assessment of Western Australia�s onshore green steel production
Mr Yuki Rhee
University of Western Australia
Two-stage sorption-enhanced gasification of solid waste for the production of high-purity hydrogen and value-added carbon materials
Ms Xiuping Liao
Macquarie University
Life cycle assessment of renewable methane production technologies
Ms Hannah H Cho
Macquarie University
Closed carbon cycles options for hydrogen production based on LNG export
Dr Mauricio Di Lorenzo
Curtin University
Feasibility study of in-situ CO2 mineralization in mafic/ultramafic rocks in Western Australia
Dr Yongqiang Chen
Enhancement of Ru promoted Ni-Co/Al2O3 catalyst for single-step bireforming reaction
Dr Shakir Mohammad
Curtin University
Reducing costs of bottom-fixed offshore wind structures through advanced hydrodynamics
Aiden Archer
University of Western Australia
Green hydrogen at home: A sustainable approach to household energy supplementation
Miss Ayesha Kaleem
Curtin University
Gas Networks as a Solution for Renewable Energy Storage
Dr Zafu Assefa Teferi
ATCO Australia
Enhancing Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness of Thermochemical Batteries for Sustainable Energy Storage
Ms Eleanor McCabe
Curtin University
Optimising Coordination for Co-Located Renewable Generator and Energy Storage in Electricity Markets: A Case Study in Australia
Dr Hao Wang
Monash University
Enhancing Energy Efficiency: Solar Thermal Integration in Industrial Processes
Mr Rohit Kumar Yadav
Monash University
Path to Net Zero: Challenges & Opportunities �
Prof Deanna D'Alessandro
University of Sydney
Upconversion Fluorescence in Critical REE Minerals
Mr Thomas Slattery
The University of Adelaide
WATCH: Pioneering Digital Solutions for Circular Economy Metrics in Western Australia
Mr Pablo Vargas
Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute
The future GPG volatility risk - challenges for the gas and electricity sectors
Dr Joe Lane
The University of Queensland
Assessing Australia's practicable, long-term, prospects for CO2 geo-sequestration
Prof Andrew Garnett
The University of Queensland
Analysis of market, cost and locational factors for green iron and steel in Australia
Dr Reza Fazeli
Australian National University
Lab-scale demonstration of an integrated Power-to-Liquid process applying co-electrolysis for efficient syncrude production.
Michael Gallwitz
Fraunhofer IKTS
Experimental and model-based investigations of hydrogen-based direct reduction kinetics of iron ore
Dr Matthias Jahn
Fraunhofer IKTS
Developing a Sustainable Green IT Model in Australian Higher-educational Institutions
Mr Mahnaz Jafari
Curtin University
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